This run is brought to you by mac & cheese

It’s that time of year where my input can potentially exceed my output – no more races, cold weather keeping me inside, and food galore. So in an attempt to burn off the sangria and homemade carrot cake, among other things, that I’ve indulged in the last two days, I got in a 3.1 mile run today. My time sucks (must be all this mac & cheese in my belly), but I did it.

image of sights on my run
A lovely day!

I stopped along the way to take in the beautiful day and snapped a few shots of things that I normally pass by. I saw an elderly lady tackling a hill on her afternoon stroll (I couldn’t flake on that hill after seeing that), a beautiful holly bush and how could I ignore what an incredible day it is. I feel amazing and ended my run with a smile.

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