Adventures in Vegas

Apparently, my husband, Angelo, and I have chosen a pretty
unconventional destination for the kids’ spring break trip. We’re in Vegas, baby! When all their friends, and even some of mine, asked about our spring break plans, we were met with puzzled looks and
questioned, “Why are you going there?” I must say I was quite shocked at the thought of people questioning our travel choice. Most people know we’ve never been the standard, Disney World parents (been there, done that). Never will be.

Firstly, to their friends I’d say, they’re blessed to be able to travel anywhere. It’s a privilege. But also, there are lots of fun things to do in Vegas for kids. My kids have their eye on the roller coaster at New York, New York.

Image of Faith
Window with a view

Secondly, I’m going to see Elton John (a check off my bucket list)! I think this is the revelation that received the most feedback. “Really? He’s still around? How old is he?” Come on people, just stop it. He’s still pretty awesome

Thirdly, we’re all huge Nas fans. While we’re out here, we plan to check out his store, 12AM RUN.

Lastly, as foodies, my husband and I have to check out some of
Vegas’ best restaurants. Last night we dined at Craftsteak. It was
amazing. The food, the service… impeccable!

What people should keep in mind is that Vegas is The Entertainment Capital of the World, not just Sin City. Everyone can find something to do here. We’ll save the “Sin” part for the mom and dad trip.

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