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Case of the Missing Shoes

My work day started off pretty exasperating. Seems like learning to play in the sandbox has carried over into adulthood for me. Rest assured, I was NOT the ringleader! Interpersonal skills training should be a requirement for some people in their formative years.

Not to let my day get me down, I decided to meet my friend, Yvette, for dinner, but I had some running around to do beforehand. I threw on a pair of flip flops for comfort until I caught up with her. When I arrived at the restaurant, I searched my truck for my cute Tory Burch stilettos to change into. After about 5 minutes, I realized I left my shoes at home. I searched the cesspool, otherwise known as my trunk, for a pair of shoes and found ONE Nine West pump. No bueno. I also found a pair of my son’s Nike Air Max. Things looked promising, except I had on black, brown and purple, and the shoes were black, gray, and orange. *sigh*. I really had no choice since I couldn’t enter the restaurant with flip flops and my house was too far away.

So I walked in quickly and hid my feet under the table once seated. Yes, I went to dinner in my cute outfit and my son’s Air Max. I guess that’s how you roll when you march to the beat of your own drum.