Waterman’s Sprint Triathlon

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Rock Hall, MD – October 5, 2014 – 750m swim 22.0, 14.3mile bike 1:06.17, 3.1mi run 42:34

My last event of the year… I’m totally burned out..but have no fear, workouts continue and I will be back next season. Yes… More events.

Beautiful accommodations due to the B&B owner’s error. *winning* The owner brought us a delicious breakfast, but my nerves were bad this morning. All I had was oj and a banana.


It was so cold out. The first time I ever swam with a wetsuit and I loved it! I’ve been working really hard on my two loves…biking and swimming (not so much on the running). And it showed on all accounts. From last year’s event of similar distance, I swam 15 minutes faster and cut the bike by 40 minutes (Okay this bike was flatter, but 40 mins is freaking awe-some!). My run was about the same, but whatever…I did it with a smile and I finished! For all the work that goes into doing these events that I’ve come to love (I know I say after each event that I hate them, but I usually forget after a few days and sign up for another one), I am so blessed and grateful that I have the mental and physical ability to do them.


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