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2015 Race Calendar

For a variety of reasons, such as training requirements, scheduling, and money, I’ve narrowed down my event schedule for 2015. With some adjustments, I was able to come up with events that are close to home and satisfy my personal goals and prior commitments.

Baltimore 10 Miler – I chose this race because I’ve found that the 10-mile distance is ideal for me and I can walk to the event. The description of the course is “scenic and challenging,” which, for me, translates to: I’ll run through a park, see a lake, and they’ll be tons of hills for my running (dis)pleasure. Sounds fun!

Bike to the Beach – a 100-mile charity cycling event from Baltimore, MD to Dewey Beach, DE to promote cycling and to raise awareness and funding for autism. This will be the longest and hardest event for me, but also the most rewarding. The team I joined is Sarah’s Riders, in honor of my friend’s daughter who has autism. Link to my donation page link soon to follow.

Iron Girl Columbia – this all-women race is like no other. As a spectator in 2013, I was in awe of the different shapes, sizes, and abilities of the women who participated. I felt empowered just watching. I wanted to be a part of it and completed Iron Girl Rocky Gap later in 2013 and Columbia in 2014 . I know where my training failed in both races: I slacked on my bricks, so I faded on the run portion after cycling those Allegany and Howard County hills. I feel I need to redeem myself. Couple all that with the fact that it’s the 10th anniversary celebration, how could I miss it?

Baltimore Triathlon – Olympic – I have three sprint distance races under my belt, so I’m moving on up! My goal this year is to increase my triathlon distance to an Oly. Mentally, I know I can do it. Now it’s time to get my body in the game.

Let the training begin!

Back on the grind

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about everything I have to do in every part of my life, but when I break those things down into smaller tasks, mentally it all becomes manageable.

I’ve been slacking on my workouts here and there, but this is the first week that I followed my workout schedule completely. Two runs, one swim and a spin class down. I stopped thinking about my compete schedule and took things one task at a time. I feel great physically, but more importantly, mentally that I accomplished my goals.

After each triathlon season, I evaluate my progress: what I could’ve done differently or what I need to change to be better the next year. One thing always remains the same: stick to my schedule.

My current schedule is light because I also want to incorporate some much needed yoga and strength training in it. I think flexibility and muscle tone go on a downward spiral after 40.